At the heart of the world’s problems lies an unsustainable economic system based on self-interest and competition that has failed to secure universal human rights for the majority world, and continues to inflict irrevocable harm on the environment. The international community must now unite around universal solutions based on the principles of cooperation, sustainability and economic sharing.

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Designing Ecological Habitats

Designing Ecological Habitats

Creating a Sense of Place is an important and eloquent exploration of humanity’s limits to growth and addresses the problems arising from climate change, habitat destruction, population growth and resource depletion. This is not a book of theoretical ideas but an anthology of solutions, of experience, tried and tested, from experts all over the world. The […]

Gaian Economics

Gaian Economics

Living Well within Planetary Limits – This is the second volume in Gaia Education’s Four Keys to Sustainable Communities series. It is a core text for Ecovillage Design Education, is endorse by UNESCO and is an official contribution to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. The first volume is Beyond You & Me edited by […]


Beyond You and Me

Inspirations and Wisdom for Building Community A practical people care anthology for anyone seeking to rebuild existing fragmented villages and communities, establish new group enterprises and ecovillages, and heal the wounds of conflict and social division. Written by an international group of social and ecological pioneers, this is the first volume of Gaia Education’s Four […]


The Song of the Earth

Song of the Earth brings together the voices of leading visionaries in science, spirituality, indigenous wisdom, innovative community, and social activism to paint a powerful portrait of new possibilities for the human family. People across the globe yearn for a new civilization of harmony and vibrant cooperation among all peoples – living in balance with the […]


How to Reform Sources of Energy

1. Assign prosperity funds to develop, produce, distribute and install free energy technology in all personal vehicles around the world. 2. Dedicate land and crops for any plant-based energy sources that can be used for transportation or industrial production needs. 3. Implement clean, free energy and technologies based on work from the Keshe Foundation. 4. […]

How to Cleanse the Environment

1. Declaring “the rights of nature” as equally as important as human rights. 2. The use of all technologies should be sustainable and using free natural resources and removing all damage to the environment and people. 3. The elimination of all GMO crops and seeds and the practice of them. 4. Stop chemtrails 5. Release […]


How to fix the world

how-to-fix-the-world   A Summary of Solutions for the Problems in Our World Of, By and For the Inhabitants of the Earth Published 11:11pm ET, November 3, 2012 Written By 285 Anonymous Inhabitants of the Earth Editors: HopeGirl, Naicheval Robitai, Angela Carmen Sanchez, Craig Morrison, Dana Amon, Danielle Marie, GinAthena, Glory Bilalli, Gonzalo Resta, Jason Bro, […]

Revelations Awakening As One

Revelations Awakening As One

Seek your own understanding of the Truth. For you may ‘believe’ what someone says, but in doing so you will never “know”, for yourself.

The Beautiful Truth

A troubled 15-year-old boy attempting to cope with the recent death of his mother sets out to research Dr. Max Gerson’s claims of a diet that can cure cancer as his first assignment for home-schooling in this documentary from filmmaker Steve Kroschel (Avalanche, Dying to Have Known)

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