Gaian Economics

Gaian Economics

Insert-hyperlink-icon Adobe-PDF-Document-iconLiving Well within Planetary Limits – This is the second volume in Gaia Education’s Four Keys to Sustainable Communities series. It is a core text for Ecovillage Design Education, is endorse by UNESCO and is an official contribution to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. The first volume is Beyond You & Me edited by Kosha Joubert & Robin Alfred.

“The challenge that lies before us today as a global civilization is to find a way of living well within our means. This will require us to reorientate our values away from consumerism and towards life-affirming sustainability; to make do with less and to make much better and more efficient use of what we have; and to create systems that help us live and stay in harmony with our planet.

“This publication provides a wealth of views and perspectives. Containing contributions from some of today’s most eminent theorists and most effective activists, it represents an overview of cutting edge thinking and practice in the evolution of an economy that serves the needs of people and planet. We hope that this reader will both inspire and empower people to learn their way to sustainability.”

Also in book form printed on 100% recycled paper from price £14.96

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