How to Reform Sources of Energy

1. Assign prosperity funds to develop, produce, distribute and install free energy technology in all personal vehicles around the world.
2. Dedicate land and crops for any plant-based energy sources that can be used for transportation or industrial production needs.
3. Implement clean, free energy and technologies based on work from the Keshe Foundation.
4. Implement clean energy like Andre Rossi’s E-CAT, that require a one-time charge for heating and cooling, enjoying a lifetime of freedom from monthly utility charges.
5. Build incentives into the energy transformation process to provoke a faster shift to new energy sources.
6. Integrate new clean energy education immediately in all levels of schools and encourage our youth to innovate the “very best” products with high quality elements that are earth friendly – look for passion in energy and encourage these enlightened beings to bring forth the treasure of our Golden Age.
7. Educate the masses immediately following the Event, through television and the
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internet, with instruction programs about how to acquire, install, and transition to free energy technology in the home and use for personal transportation.
8. Integrate new recycling technologies into clean energy production – utilize a closed loop system.
9. Build charging stations along transportation networks, utilizing clean, free energy via generators similar to those in the home but make it accessible and useable by a large number of vehicles at any given time – like service stations only retrofitted with new energy sources that are free.
10. Build cellulosic biofuel facilities and use fast growing plants to provide sustainable harvests of cellulosic biomass. Biofuel will be stored in and distributed from biodomes.
11. Produce energy with wind technology. Create jobs through the building of windmills and other wind technology.
12. Localize new, clean energy infrastructure through cooperatives.
13. Implement high efficiency electric heating and cooling systems created by companies such as Mitsubishi Electric. Once home-based electric generators become a reality, new factories must be opened to produce these units as well as electric motors for retrofitting automobiles and ground transportation.
14. Build Tesla-type power sources to sustain the needs of the household electrical devices and for travel.
15. Release all suppressed clean, free energy technologies and scientific data and promote small business creation of free energy products, services and resources.

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