How to Cleanse the Environment

1. Declaring “the rights of nature” as equally as important as human rights.
2. The use of all technologies should be sustainable and using free natural resources and removing all damage to the environment and people.
3. The elimination of all GMO crops and seeds and the practice of them.
4. Stop chemtrails
5. Release suppressed existing technologies to clean pollutants in the air land and sea.
6. Creating sustainable systems that respect and honor the planet.
7. Creating educational courses for the people on safeguarding the world.
8. Replacing toxic household chemicals with natural products.
9. Introduction of indoor cultivation, hydroponics, and aeroponics to the people in mass.
10. Replacing fossil fuels with alternative sources of energy.
11. Giving easy access to clean free water to the people. Stop putting fluoride and other chemicals into the public water supply. Use natural alternatives to clean water for drinking such as UV and natural living filter systems.
12. Closing the oil companies that negatively affect the earth and help them transition into green renewable energies. Stop the drilling. Buy out all the investors.
13. Introduction of re-stocking ocean’s programs.
14. Rewarding people who live organically and I harmony with the environment.
15. Introducing a worldwide, environmental educational program to the people, including teaching people how to recycle.
16. Creating and refurbishing homes that leave no carbon footprint or waste.

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