How to Cleanse the Environment

1. Declaring “the rights of nature” as equally as important as human rights. 2. The use of all technologies should be sustainable and using free natural resources and removing all damage to the environment and people. 3. The elimination of all GMO crops and seeds and the practice of them. 4. Stop chemtrails 5. Release […]


How to fix the world

how-to-fix-the-world   A Summary of Solutions for the Problems in Our World Of, By and For the Inhabitants of the Earth Published 11:11pm ET, November 3, 2012 Written By 285 Anonymous Inhabitants of the Earth Editors: HopeGirl, Naicheval Robitai, Angela Carmen Sanchez, Craig Morrison, Dana Amon, Danielle Marie, GinAthena, Glory Bilalli, Gonzalo Resta, Jason Bro, […]